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FINALLY got off my butt and preordered The Starter. WOO!

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    Hubby got mad when he found out I hadn’t ordered our copy of The Starter yet. He threatened to divorce me! Ordered it today.

    Yeah yeah, I’ll come to bed in a minute. Stop nagging me!

    Well, like the title says – I’ve ordered “The Starter”.

    I left it up to the FDO to decide what to write inside!

    Wonder what words of wisdom I’ll get?

  • Repairing my computer to allow me to partake of the Sigler website come in?
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Haven’t I told you people that your #1 fiscal priority should be buying mah books? I swear, time to bust out the Tire Iron of Doomâ„¢ and layeth the smaketh down.

It just sucks that I had to wait. Moving will make you spend money on stupid stuff like food and beds instead of being able to spend it on awesome books!

Now maybe I can afford that naked jello Twister set.

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