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    I’ve read and listened to everything I can find its a shame about the nerve damage though and I started with earthcore I’m pretty sure that’s who was in the cloud in the latest book “the stupid boogerbags” what’s better the nuge,margomobile, or the bad ass personal flyers in mt.Fitzroy?

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    Wow, you just name dropped every Sigler book lol. Have you read the short stories or listened to the podcasts? How about Earthcore?

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    Your books have dropped a Detroit sized nuke on my brain and a short few months ago I didn’t know you existed. But now I’ve been from the mocovi mines to a champion in a cloud like a typhoon in in the mid west your writing its so good its as scary as perry running at me with poultry scissors with ancestors just behind the bulls following him I know ma tweedys oldest boy John’s face is telling me I have a little something on my nose but having read or listened to the whole siglerverse I can find including novellas and shorts along with every novel I would be more than a douche if I didn’t say thank you for doing what you do and thank you to arealgirl for helping it happen and P.S. I think I saw Aggie and a toddler that smelled like pookies moo goo guy pan talking to a German hitman in wal-mart

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