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FDO done gone and mixed up my name

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    Alright,so back when we had the old site my tag was Marcus_Weever (it is a
    long and fricking hilarious story as to why I picked that as my tag) I was doing my thing, posting to the forums, I
    collected crack hits like the little junkie I am and one day I logged and saw that my name had an MC tag next to it, and I was so freaking happy, I was going to be a main character! I saw that it was going to be in mt.Fitzroy, and when blood is red came out I saw that the first chapter of earthcore II was in it, and I got even more excited, so I bought Blood is Red and immediately flipped to the Mt.Fitzroy Chapter, started reading and…He put down my tag name. Why Scott!?! Why have you forsaken me? to clear it up my name is not Marcus Weever, but Alex Miller. Please Sigler, may I repent my dubious ways so I may be able to have
    my name put in “and hopefully killed off in a rather dramatic/BA/gory
    manner ” in Mt.Fitzroy?!?

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