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Favourite Moment?

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    I agree with Stormy on the scolding of John about gift ideas…gotta be my favorite. Its so hard with so many awesome moments though…I think one of my other favorites not already named would have to be Coach Hokor throwing his hat to the ground, then after Barnes says he can’t go back in and to have Morningstar kick the field goal and Morningstar’s response to if he can make the kick he says “whatever” Hokor picking his hat back up off the ground only to throw it back on the ground.

    Oh yeah…and Don saying “hey captain sillyname”
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    I about passed out when Ma Tweedy made the Prawatt and Sklorno sit and hold hand/tenticles. Too funny!

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    Haven’t gotten to Messal’s speech yet, but did greatly enjoy John’s pep talk to the Prawatt. My 16 year old son is reading the MVP and catching up to me. He burst into my room late last night laughing after reading the same scene. I’ll never think about puppies the same.

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    And it went right over John’s head.

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    For me, I think it has to be the awesomely polite yet devastating speech Messal gives to John. I giggled like a madman on the train, and I really don’t care.

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