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Favorite zombie movie?

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    I also really liked the zombie creatures in I am Legend. 28 Days Later, was much darker and the story delt with the evils of the living, as well as the Zombies, and I thought it was really scary. It’s, like, if they are slow Zombies, and not too clumped together, I figure I could out run them. But those fast ones, in crowds… watchout!
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    It’s not Twilight

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    I’ve probably seen it 20 times. The movie had it all blood, guts, zombie head shots, Tom Savini and a deep political statement about consumerism and society. Wicked awesome movie. The remake was cool too but the only thing it had it common with the original is the mall setting.

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    …my favorite zombie movie would have to be shaun of the dead.  Although with the upcoming adaptation of World War Z, it may get unseated.

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    There are too many movies to choose!!!! 28 Days later brought us the rage virus….which made a faster, scarier zombie!!!!! Fido was hilarius!!!! I love so many Romero flicks I can’t name them all!!!!

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    ive been watching zombie movie ever since i was about six my sisters loved to scare the hell out of me

    my favorite ones are night,dawn,and day of the dead all originals none of that remake crap

    also delamorte delamore aka cemetary man evildead 1.2.3 and undead and if ya havent read it yet world war z i also highly recomend the aduio book of this 

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    I adore zombie movies!!!  I have to say my ultimate favorites (after all, they’re like chips, you can’t have just one) are the original b&w Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Alive aka Braindead to the european and aussie crowd, and the Evil Dead series. I am a huge fan of "splatstick" 

    Anyone listen to Dr Pus and/or Mail Order Zombie?  MoZ reviews direct-to-dvd zombie flicks, and Dr. Pus is primarily zombie literature.  They are both awesome. 

    I wish that the General would write a zombie novel, it would be in-friggin-sane!  I betcha that he would come up with something really weird, off the wall, and new in the genre.  Oh yeah, and the gore potential would be astronomical…

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    Not really into horror films (I get paranoid you see…) and need to pick 28 days and weeks up but Shaun of the dead is amazing !!

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    I’m going to have to go Dawn of the Dead ’04.  That was the flick that really kicked my zombie interest in the ass and helped me mature from some sort of emo goth kid and kick vampires to the curb to realizing that zombies are where the real “oh fack, we’re gonna die!!!” fun is at.

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     Maybe because it was filmed in UK or maybe the zombies could actually run that made this zombie flick so freakin scary for me…


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    I think Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) did a great job with the remake of Dawn of the Dead, But my all time favorite has to be Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. He just took the art of zombie films and took it in a completely different direction  And of course anything by Romero is gold. Although i must say with the exception of Diary of the Dead which i think kind of fell a little short but hey…thats just me. What are some your favorites?

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