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Favorite Sigler Character? Sigler Work?

  • Dennnverrrrr!!!!!!

    "Freedom isn’t free." Virak the Mean

    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

       Magnus, awesome! Cold, intelligent, calculating, ruthless and the epitome of physical power! Except for the whole crazy thing, he’s a lot of what I’d like to be. Psycho from Passenger, kinda like magnus but not as cool as in-depth or as far as we know, since we didn’t get to know him that well, as smart. Mr. Biz-nass? Funny with a capital FU!

    It would be awesome to hear Scott read a story As Mr.B with all the insults and random bad language thrown in just for shits and giggles. But my all time favorite character would be Connell Kirkland.  Not because He’s Such a Nice Guy, but because I can Identify with him. because of his past and because he Is so screwed up. I liked the end Sigler gave him too. Classy. So here’s a thank you to the FDO for showing mercy to my all time fave character and ending his life but letting him live through enough that we all know he gave it everything he had. Perfection.

    Betcha thought I’d say my favorite was biz-nass.

    I’m going to go with "You’re a Damn Fool Charlie Brown!" for work… Hey, it it just stuck with me… 

    And for character…  hhhmmm…   I’m going to have to go with Baby McButter!  Kicked Ass!!!  

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #2 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

    I would have to say Earthcore because it touches on my fears of darkness (yes, I fear the dark) and tight places (Yes I am claustrophobic). And then throw in the knife weilding Rocktopi and the silver bugs! <Shiver>

    [brood en brood met brood ertussen] – My Mothers famous answer to whats for dinner!

    Love the Rookie and Infected…..
    *I’m Rear Admiral but Sigler Rules*

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    between Nocturnal and Earthcore for me.

    – Verveces tui similes pro ientaculo mihi appositi sunt. (I have jerks like you for breakfast.)

    tossup between Rookie and Nocturnal. But I think Rookie is a little ahead. The character choice is easy Pookie is just cool. Number two would Bry Bry.  Wink 

    Things go wrong and that is how we learn

    I’d have to say my favorite book is the Rookie. and as for favorite character(s) Sonny McGuiness, Denver and Milford, Bry Bry, Pookie Chang

    & Pookie is THE man!!

    The Rookie and Nocturnal with Infected a close second. As for favorite character I say I don’t have a specific one.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    Chuckles Mulrooney because the story was so good. funny and sadistic.
    Officer Pookie the human facebook who never forgets a birthday and knows people

    Infection/Infected by far. It made my skin crawl, which is a hard thing to do. 🙂

    I don’t really have a favorite character… yet. I’m always expecting death so I try not to get too attached. 🙂

    Hey, everyone!

    What’s your favorite Sigler work (short story or novel), and why? Also, who’s your favorite character, and why?

    Just wondering what the most popular of each is going to be. I’m predicting a lot of Magnus responses . . .

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