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Favorite Player

  • I second this comment

    Don’t hate someone because they are different, just be glad that you have meet them.

    My fav player just died. He was out for three weeks comes back then dies in his first game back. RIP Aka-Na-Tak. Guess I have to pick someone else but never forget Aka-Na-Tak

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

    its a toss up between chick Magee(his announcing in Title fight was fucking hilarious) and Gridok the split head (what can i say mob bosses are epic)

    A Flying Spoon, and Faithful Servent of The FDO

    the commentator Chick Magee. The comparisons, metaphors and similies that he gets are just hilarious.
    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    I dont think Yassoud is a jackass at all in episode 21, hes just struggling to live up to the legacy of Mitchell “The Machine” Fayed

    Ma Tweedy is a great character because she’s an old lady who manages a shipyard and kicks some ass and in Episode 21 of The Starter podcast Yassoud is a jackass but his voice is great.

    Krakens kick major ass!

    john tweedy or quentin. ju tweedy is good too tho after some attitude adjustments.

    with the Quarterback for the Wolfpack a second runner up. Rich Bennett-Me……See what I just did??? Voted for myself….

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    I really like Don Pine. He keeps everyone in line in such a masterful and amusing way that I have to adore him.

    Do not mess with the affairs of monsters, for you are tasty and good with ketchup.

    I got started wondering who everybodys favorite player was. No specific team or anything just any player that features in The Starter. Mine is definitely John Tweedy.

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