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FanART: Sklorno

  • The “<>” button switches between source code editing and rich text (or preview mode” if you click the “<>” a second time you will see the text as it will post ie small and black. Also thanks for the info 🙂

    oh, thanks for pasting it! (BTW, when I click on the <> icon the font in the text field changes to a really huge one)

    The pen is a wacom intuos4 and the software is mypaint. People do unbelievable things with it, I just use it as a pencil / charcoal / chalk with undo 🙂

    Nice work! I always love seeing new takes and impressions on these things.
    what virtual pen/ software did you use?

    Here you go just click on the icon of the page with the 2 red “<>”
    symbols on it when you are posting and put the link to your file in
    like this:

    <img src=”” width=”75%” height=”75%”>

    A new take on my favorite species for the rookie universe:

    not sure how to link to pictures 🙁
    this time (a year since my previous attempt) using a virtual pencil.

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