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Expanded Merch Section

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    How about some OJ magnets or bumper stickers?

    and not any “OJ was innocent” crap, either!

    I want to let the world know that a crackhead is driving the truck in front of them. That should make them feel better. Something needs to top the looks I get when sporting my “Save Perry’s Balls” T-shirt.

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    That would kick the ass out to the max!

    I hope they put up some more merch and give us like 20 crack hits per dollar spent or something. Awesome.

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    Sigler brand kitchen knives. “suitable making dinner or digging out alien parasites” That would kick so much fucking ass.

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    I’m thinking that it would be great to have the GFL/Krakens merchandise, the book/podcast t-shirts (“Save Perry’s Balls”) along with links to buy Scott’s books that are currently in print available in the Merch area once it is up and running . Especially since there’s an imminent change in where/how we can buy them. For now the link could point to the remaining books on Amazon, but a link code can pretty easily be changed rather than potential customers having to chase down the info all over the web.

    While I know the different items were being sold through different merchants, it seems like it would still be helpful to have the links for all the Sigler schwag together (perhaps with a caption/note informing people that the links will take you to a different site to purchase or set add to a shopping cart).

    Make it as easy as possible for the faithful OJ’s and newcomers to contribute to the world domination funds. Just a thought…

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    Be awesome!!!

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    Some new merch would

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    Any chance of getting anything other than the triangle pendent up in the ‘Crackhouse’ Merch store?

    Specifically the “Save Perrys Balls” shirt. I’ve had my eyes, and balls, on that shirt for quite the while.

    Would I have to buy the shirt from Scott’s shirtsbymail site, or will/can it be added here?

    Also, I know the more you post and collect “crack hits” the more you have access to on the site and such, does this mean that more merch will become available? Specifically the “Balls” shirt?


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