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  • I read things and then I just can’t dump them from the brain… my head grows larger each day and I speak in nodes



    And having *way* too much spare time.

    Going back multiple years to read through the older posts?!? You go, girl!


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It would certainly be fertile ground for FanFic. <nudge, nudge>


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  • Thanks, i will be keeping up with it form now on.

    Big cities are more likely to have homeless… people who aren’t going to be readily missed (sad to say)…Course out in rural LA, they could just farm their meat, uh people.

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    One of the more interesting parts of that would be how the Nocturnals stay hidden in different environments. For example here in southern Louisiana underground complexes (basements, subways, anything below the ground level etc) are very rare because ground level is below sea level so there tend to have flooding issues. But thing get rural pretty quick when you leave the cities. There are plenty of old houses that look mostly abandoned out there.

    I think the biggest limiting factors would be the local crime rate and/or level of tourism. If you have a high crime rate is would be much easier to hide disappearance in plane sight. The same can be said for a high level of tourism, if there is a fairly regular turn around of visitors to the area it’s easier to pick of a few here and there.

    Ooops, did I say that outloud?



    see a taster here…


    I can neither confirm nor deny your wild accusations, Senator.

    I have been thru Nocturnal more than once and one thing always pops in my head. Aggy (dude with the baby) was told that they could find him anywhere. Does this mean there could be smaller nests of Nocturnals in other parts of the world? If there are, is there more than one Savior out there protecting this places?

    It would be cool having short stories about these independent saviors. I find if fun thinking of all the different ways, other saviors find to fight the good fight. Jeb had the hole bow thing and The Ninja has his own bad ass way.
    Just crap i think of when i should be working.

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