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    65 degrees below zero (Isn’t there a podiobook by that name) or 165 degrees with humidity!!!!!!  Can’t decide which is worse!!!!!

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    To prove the FDO wrong would undo existence as we know it. Then Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would find out who Linda Fiorentino is, then somehow Jay and Silent Bob will appear and Chris Rock will be an apostle and- Hmm… I might be getting mixed up with something else…….

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    stop yer whinin’. We live ~130 miles north of your latitude. (OK, to be fair though, the climate here isn’t quite as harsh as yours. But it sounded pretty dramatic, didn’t it?)

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    I know in Nocturnal the FDO was talking about sperm having mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA. However, only the mothers eggs have mitochondria, sperm do not.  Thus everyone inherits their mitochondria from the mother.  But then again, I’ve never known the FDO to be wrong so I’m sure that the textbooks are wrong.   I am amazed at all of the information he gets right so I can over look a few inconsistances.

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    scratch that… i was thinking of nocturnal

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    I can’t remember where it is in the book, but scott refers to a male as having 46,XX chromosomes. For a "normal" male it should be 46,XY 


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    65 miles NORTH of Duluth.  My husband has been threatening to take me TO Duluth in the winter.
    I’ve lived in Minnesota for 18 years and I don’t go north of Forest Lake between Thanksgiving and Easter.  That’s not weather for humans.  What the hell are you thinking.  What the hell am I thinking?
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    both are correct: science and the FDO. We’re just unable to fully understand science as well as our FDO does. He gets it. Our eyes and watches deceive us. (Just ask him!)

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    he doesn’t make mistakes. Science makes mistakes Tongue out

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    The thylacine is commonly called Tasmanian Tiger in Australia.  I have never heard it refered to as a Tasmanian Wolf here.

    UPDATE: I just noticed Scott corrected this in episode 2.


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    I dunno know about anyone else here, but I’m about 65 miles north of Duluth, 12 miles from the town with a record -65 degrees below 0. When its that freaking cold, and its a blizzarding out, you are not moving. You are hundling under a blanket with someone warm, trying to remember why the hell you are living in this god-forsaken tundra.

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    Yeah, maybe Scott is just crazy ultra-Zen and he thinks that whatever he says is the ultimate truth or some cal.

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    Piffle. Not only can he change the sun rise, he can reconfigure the number of feet in a mile. The man is simply a world-changing divine presence.

    I’m hoping his editor will trawl this forum, as we attempt to help edit the book by committee.


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    Obviously he has the power to change the axial tilt of the Earth at will.

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    I have ranted about this before and got Sigler swaring at me for my trouble.
    In the print edition at the start of the book on Baffin island, he has the sun rising at 5:30am, in November at 65degrees North. I am sorry but that don’t happen, it would be closer to 9am before you will see a sun rise at that latitude.

    A side from my ranting who else has observed obvious errors. I give him some room to play this is science fiction after all and making some stuff up is part of the fun.

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