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Errors in Kindle edition. (Is this just my copy?)

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    Well, it’s still a damn good read. Hopefully, these mistakes will eventually be corrected but it’s not like I’m asking for a refund.

    Just don’t wind up as greedy as Ken Follett who wrote “The Fall of Giants.” I don’t mind (TOO much) paying slightly more for

    a Kindle edition than a paperback, but paying more for a Kindle than a hardcover is unconscionable.

    P.S. Although I do not yet own any paper copies of your books (“Infected”, “Contagious”, “Ancestor”, and now “The Rookie” are on Kindle)

    I *will* buy the hardcover for “Pandemic” when it gets released. Thanks for replying to my post, my FDO!

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    I don’t have the Kindle edition but I have the Nook edition. And I can tell you that formatting errors like that are pretty common for ebooks in general. Compared to some I have read the Sigler ones are pretty near error free but every now and then you’ll see a spelling error or formatting error. It happens with almost every ebook I’ve seen and is an issue that has to be brought to the company who did the ebook formatting’s attention to fix. Usually I have found that by contacting Amazon or Barnes & Noble they will pass along the exact errors to the publishing company to correct.

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    We’ve had issues with the Nook, this is the first I’ve heard of the Kindle.

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    I’ve reported this to Amazon, but there are at least two errors in the Kindle edition I have for Scott Sigler’s Contagious. Are these mistakes in other people’s copies?

    First mistake:

    Location 1721

    DAY ONE:


    (The boldface type I’m added is NOT in the text. I’m just adding it so you know what is wrong.)

    “If all went well, if the planet had suitable gravity and atmosphere, the object could get cracking. Iwould seed the planet with machines that could build a portal, a portal that connected two places so far apart that no living thing, nor the children of that living thing, nor the great-greMargoMobile’s at-great grandchildren of that living thing, could survive the trip by any other means. With the portal, however, such a trip took place instantly. Hundreds of light-years traversed in the blink of an eye.”

    Second mistake

    Location 4413



    “It will get easier them ore you doit.”

    Does anybody else have any problems like this?

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