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Episode 21

  • -how wonderfully twisted

    one of the most sick and twisted episodes i have ever heard but i loved every minute of it

    ep 21 was good but i think better/ worse depending on your views and how sick and twisted your mind is in store for us junkies. hehehehehehehe sorry

    I think Crab-apple Bob was one of my favorites too! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    …think of little Chuckie when the kids were chasing the grooms?


    Think he was called Crab-apple Bob, and I agree that what he did was awesome.

    Snip snip hehehe…

    • "We may have days, we may have hours. But sooner or later, we all push up flowers…" -Grim Fandango

    Yeah, it was perhaps the most distirbing part. Tongue out But in spite of that I just had to cackle at it. I mean…

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    -thought it was absolutely fabulous what he did to the mexican

    The children part was pretty messed. But so cool. Cause I like gore. Gore is awesome. And that? Was gore. Delicious gore. Like melt in your mouth delicious gore.

    And now I’m gonna shut up…GORE! 

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    That was pretty messed up, but oh so sweet. Its pretty clear the love Hillary has for those creepy little imps, but really who can blame her, they sound so cute? Won’t it be great to hear about those other two poor bastards when they get their turn.

    I’m such a strung out junky for this book, personally, i think i’m liking this one most of all. WHEN IS MY NEXT FIX!!!

    Okay. I didn’t say anything when Mommy slowly left her sleeping place. I didn’t even say anything when she nether-swallowed the mexican whilst pushing babies out on top of him. (in Hindsight, I should have said something because that? was fucking sick).

    But the groom’s walk? Those happy children tearing the guy up? And Hillary cooing over them? Man. Man. MAN! Don’t do that to my mind, please. Never. Again. I’m surprised I can still spell upright.

    If I was Aggie, Hillary could have handed me a little red-skinned child with horns and an unholy choir chanting "satan" and I would have gladly taken the boy into a nice and loving home. Just as long as I got out of that place.

    All of which means, of course, that I will have to think of people I can spring this on. It could be the new 2girls1cup – watch as people listen to Sigler’s Sickness. 

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