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Episode #2: Shit!

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    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Darkest?..I still think Sigler Godd’s darkest work is the creations of Magnus and Kyla(ms)Meyers(ms). Not only were they monsters, they enjoyed murder. To the best of my knowledge, they never recycled their victims.

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    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Episode #2…You have kept my interest. The markings so far shown, could be “runes”. Old school runes are about 13,000 to 15,000 years old. In multi-dimensional physics, the diagrams are a visual way of understanding first, second, third, and forth dimensional planes that mathematically proven to exist.
    The pissing could be a away of sending messages from an individual for a multiple reasons. Stating who he/she/it is. Possible age, sex, health, and health info could be pasted on like this. Black bears are believed, but not excepted, to express whole ideas and moods through scent. How these Nocturnals piss their areas could give clues on what they are and how developed their senses or language abilities. Just a Junkies thought.

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    Dreams? Are they really? What does it mean when you wake up real tired after dreaming that you were up all night chasing down some sadistic bastard and giving him what’s coming to him? I’m waiting for Bryan to check and see if he has any clothes either bloody or missing? Pookie should be able to work this one out… Oh, and where was Pookie while Bryan was playing superman and flinging ultra-heavy dumpsters around?

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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    By The Hand is right. It’s great to see a thank you going out. I only did 10 years active duty in the Air Force, so my hat goes off to By the Hand for all the time he devoted to serving his country. It’s a different kind of realization of reality that actually serving gives you. Thanks again “Hand” And thank you Scott for serving us, your faithful junkies with all the podcasty-goodie-smack that you dole out so well.

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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    I refuse to be mature. I am sophomoric at best, childish at worst.

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    Twenty-three years? Shit, man, I owe you a few beers AND a few shots. Thank you for protecting the ability of idiots like me to shoot off my mouth whenever I like without fear of "security forces" coming to lock me up. Of course, if Yahoo! has anything to say about it, everyone with an opinion would be locked up.

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    Scott, all bullshit aside, being that I just retired after 23 years in the Army; I think it was great that you gave thanks to all the veterans.


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    It about time you handed out part 3, I was in real withdraw this last week.

    Don’t the blood feel good brother!

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    I believe the episode 2 post on the homepage has the symbol attached to it.

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    . . . .I have to listen to it 5 times to get them all straight. Not that I mind. The story is always worth it.

    I want to know most where the dream plot is going. It’s obviously getting steadily worse. Is there a picture of the symbol somewhere? Time to go hunting around . . .

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    I was glad to see that you got the obligatory “Angus” out of the way early. I would have been pissed if I’d had to wait til the end of the story before I heard it. Of course this means that every subsequent story has to contain either Angus or Magnus… but you’ll have to be clever about hiding it. Hey, it can be a new contest! An Easter Egg hunt where you have to find Angus or Magnus embedded in the story!

    –Brian summoned the butlers. As they entered the room, the head butler uttered “You rang us?”
    –Tom walked to the kitchen to get some cereal. As his roommate entered the room, Tom asked “Do you want some bran Gus?”
    –Sure, I can check the clip of my .44 mag no sweat.

    Ok, so Magnus is a bit tougher… but still doable.

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    Scotts writting seemed to have matured and marinaded into full bloody frutition with this novel.The titles notcturnal and its definatley his darkest work, ive got alotta hope for this book. Characters seem a bit more mature and cant wait to get to know all of them

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    As always, Scott’s off to an awesome start on this one. I love how it seems there are several smaller stories all loosely tied together…kinda gives it that ‘Failed Cities’ feel, though I think things are gonna get slightly more gory than that.

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    Look, I wanted to wait till Scott got a few episodes in , before I started to listen and get my junk , but I guess I’m goin’ to have to start listenin’ now cause I’ve been jonzin’ too long … so here goes … let you know how I feel about this one soon…. Hee Hee……..

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    I’m guessing they just want to clear the underworld or infect it with whatever monsterized them just so they won’t have any problems from this side, like two dozen triad members pulling up and shooting at them – that might be a problem.

    I wonder whether our heroic cop will actually end up becoming the “Saviour” or just another monster. And when he’ll break that big kid’s arms. Or pull them out of their sockets. Either way is fine.

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    I’ve been listening to all Scott’s stuff since I first got Earthcore. I’ve totally loved all of it with the possible exception of Infected. I still listened to every last second of it but the scenes of pulling out the triangles were so over the top it made me think of the Saw movies.

    In any case this seems to be the most ambitious story plot wise. I can’t wait to hear how all the players eventually relate. The hints you dropped in episode two were nicely done. I’ve actually gone back to the first episode and listened to it a second time to make sure I’m not missing anything.

    The kid being taken away was a killer moment. Reminds me of the visceral dread I felt while reading Rawhead Rex by Clive Barker.

    This is my first post here and the servers appear to be a little flaky. I can’t see all the forum posts so I don’t know if there is a place to discuss our guesses on where the plot is going? I’m most confused at the moment to their relationship between the monsters and the various drug dealers. If these are really vampires or some sort of post-human monsters why do they give a shit about drug dealers? Do they have a grudge from when they were human?

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    I thought I was flinching when in episode 1 a teenaged arm got broken. But what happened this time, with the Javas dragging little Yi away – wow. That was fucked up.

    What I’m saying: Scott Sigler is delivering again. And with what’s gotta be the best production quality of the whole podosphere. This podcast takes expensive audiobooks, throws them to the floor and breaks both of their arms, all the while cackling gleefully.


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