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Episode #1 Feedback

  • Sorry I’m a bit late with this, but I loved the first episode! I loved the way it was told and I liked the sound effects. I’m assuming you are talking about Galileo High school. I’m a graduate from Galileo High and the school colors are purple and gold, not crimson and gold. Other than that, this book is awesome!

    Started out great! I expected to like it, but was surprised at how quickly my addiction returned. Thanks for the extra episode – ya helped a sister Junkie out!


    And again I cringed during the Rex scence. I agree with dshtriathlete…sick shit man. This is where the partial sound effects were way too effective.

    Oh and I loved the call out to Infectioon and the chiken scissors. Slick shit

    Thanks Scott – as you started building up with the blocks of wood and poor Rex – I started yelling at the radio saying – ‘you wouldn’t you sick freak – you wouldn’t!’ And then you did and I about drove off the road… this is pure Sigler GOLD! I am SO hooked already – I don’t know if anything else you do will top The Rookie for me – but this is WAY UP THERE!

    Nicely done Mister Sigler….. I look forward to future episodes!


    Any particular reason you have a lot of pookies in your universe. When do i get my next fix.

    Excellent first episode. The building up of the arm breaking… the anticipation associated with the placing of the pieces of wood under the wrist and the elbow, and then the subsequent … I think that hit me harder than the ‘Perry and the scissors’ scene.

    Well done.

    Absolutly hilarious! Little Bob has a good taste in fiction, essecially if he’s been reading “Infected”. I love the story so far, esspecially since you only get small flashes of who or what the monsters might be, and the Cop angle. This is what could turn into a dinamite story, and i hope it continues at this caliber. Of course, like all Sigler stories, it will probably only get better. And I hope that big kid gets eaten or something (maybe Rex could tear his throat out with his teeth…). Oh yeah, and when did “Jack Wakes Up” become a movie? LOVE IT!!

    I loved it. Forget about that give it four episodes crap. I’m hooked already!

    This thing kicked so much ass I went blind!! Also liked his blatant self reference to his other novels. May his ego fly ever higher until he is consumed by the sun, Amen.

    So, feedback on the non-audio portions.

    Overall, it was great. I listened to it a second time and it was even better. Knowing who the characters were during the intro really added a lot to the understanding of where I’d like to think you’re going with the plot. Of course, you’ll probably screw with us and throw several wrenches into the mix. Because that’s what you do.

    I did have one misgiving about the narrating, though. When you were introducing The Five Rooms, it felt like you switched voices for a moment. You refer directly to the readers as “my friends”, then, in mentioning the torture, you broke into the first person, saying “We’ll get to that”. It threw me off for a moment.

    Still, great work; I can barely wait for more of the new book. Keep those always-on-time updates coming! Oh, and kudos on the scissors. I know it was blatant junkie-service, but I think that just made it better.

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