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EP035: Hero

  • But then it started to hurt… so I stopped… 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    gonna relisten………….

    ya know, ya hear people say it all the time and ya just know that it’s merely a warn out expression. I mean, you would think if it really happened to them, they would have no way of telling you it happened to them. Just not physically possible. Follow me so far? OK. Well I’m hear to tell y’all that after putting in a looong day at work and then reading through this thread, MY HEAD JUST FUCKING EXPLODED!!!!!!!

    Thank you.

    "Just shut the fuck up and do yer job, asshole!"

    I think that some things were written before the Galactic Timeline was fully formed and expanded.  not counting time travel as a reason….

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    Let’s go with that.

    Not to argue the point, but if is just time shifted, which empire did Leon Timmerman bring down? If we assume that the events of Hero are concurrent with The Rookie, the war would have ended circa 2622 (60 years beforehand). Albeit this is before the Creterakians take over the galaxy, but it would occur during the Great Peace. Even if we push the date of Hero back to the earliest days of the GFL, say 2658, the war would have ended in 2598, which does coincide with the 4th Galactic War. Though if this is the case, the history in Hero does not seem to match up with the timeline on the GFL webpage.


    Most that are profound would choose to narrate tales of living men with nouns like sorrow, verbs like lose, and action scenes, and love, but then there are now some, and brave they be, that speak of Lunar cities raised and silver spheres and purple seas.

    But time shifted.. That’s all.. 

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    I listened to ?1puvjk last night and it reminded me of EP035. I’m actually re-listening to Hero now and noticed that the Ionath Krakens are playing the Quyth Survivors in the football game on the TV in the background. I’m trying to figure out if Hero takes place in the same Siglerverse as The Rookie? Based on the score, 17 to 13 (Kraken’s favor), one could imagine that the events take place in Week 9, though the year is given as 2303, which predates the Galactic History Timeline of The Rookie (and Week 9 by 379 years). I would note that the Sklorno are also explicitly mentioned.

    This simple Junkie does not pretend to know our Future Dark Overlord’s mind, but would beg his indulgence in my attempt to understand it. All hail Sigler!

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