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Ensuring FDO Obtains and Retains The Most Dough

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    Dark Overlord Media is definitely publishing The Rookie.  The press release (click here to read) confirmed this as well as this blog post by Scott (which shows a pic of DOM label on the spine of the book…sweet!).

    Crown Publishing is responsible for a three book deal with our beloved FDO, which included Infected, Contagious and the upcoming reimaging of Ancestor (due out in May 2010). Ancestor is currently up for preorder at Amazon, so go get your copies Junkies!!
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    The Rookie is not being published under dark Overlord Media. I think it’s Crown Publishing that’s putting this one out. 

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    Online, No promo code – got it!

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    Buy it now… 

    I’m trying to remember how postage was handled… Shipping is added when you purchase so that doesn’t make a difference. 

    Maybe, don’t use a promo code… full price baby!

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     especially with THE ROOKIE.

    Since it is published by D0M, Scott’s going to get the same amount either way. At least that’s my opinion. 

    Buy it online and make sure you get one. He will not be able to bring an infinite amount with him on the road and the quantity overall is limited. 



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    it really doesn’t matter. It’s his publishing company, after all.

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    I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I’m too lazy to go searching (and therefore opening up a potential shit storm of angry forum peeps, but I hope not).  I plan to show some Sigler love by purchasing the new release of The Rookie.  My question is this:

    Would Sigler make more money off of:

    a) my online purchase


    b) my in-person purchase during the The Rookie Tailgate (in Jacksonville on 9/22)

    I’ve been a loyal listener for a few years and feel that it’s about damn time I show my financial support!  I want as much of my hard earned dough (from purchasing The Rookie) to go into Sigler’s bank account, so let me know if any particular method is more effective.



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