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Earthcore & The Crypt Sequels

  • We all know Sigler is a busy man, with the Nocturnal TV series, Pandemic, Monstrosity, GFL Novella’s, etc. I am sure it is that same busy-ness that has prevented some great sequels to be made thus far. However, I am curious if Sigler still plans on writing EarthCore II (as introduced to us in BloodCast) and even more exciting, The Crypt Book Two. Are these titles in the works or future works? Will you do these after Pandemic or do you plan on moving on to another project? Any inside information on the FUTURE of our Dark Overloard would be appreciated.

    From the outside looking in, there are sooooo many options for Sigler in terms of whats next and considering many years have passed since Earthcore and The Crypt was released, I think its logical to wonder if Sigler still plans on expanding on them.

    Thank you

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