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Earthcore in the Siglerverse Timeline

  • I agree it is good to not be a spoilery spoilerson. I am just so intrigued with the thought process in a re-write. I would have not thought the first Nocturnal needed the rewrite, but then it got one and it is awesome!

    Yeah, I wonder about that one too.

    I think, mostly because it’s not yet completely re-written, and also because it’s spoilery, all I can say I’ve already said. But, on the bright side, you’ll almost assuredly find out for yourself this very year.

    Oh, I guess I can say that the Siglerverse is very much our universe with a few sinister tweaks, so unless you’ve seen Bulls out and about on your day-to-day errands, we can assume that there are none here either.

    But that last part is just a guess on my part. I actually don’t know myself.

    Btw, I’m wondering where Earthcore is going to be headquartered now. They used to be in Detroit’s Ren Cen; but, alas, not much business has been conducted there since Contagious. In fact, the only business going on there now, I think, is being conducted by little Prawatt critters.


    And don’t forget, the Kool suit is the body undergarment in the GFL! Stoopid Angus Kool and his multimillion dollar inventions that last for over 700 years…

    Ok most Darkest of most Futureist Overlords and most Directoryist of Doomiest things. Question.

    In the sneak peak, Book One starts on July 30th, 2008 with Sonny McGuinness. The next time reference I recall reading from the tease was August when Sunny finds metallic dust and gets the results from Herbert Darker. Just curious if I am over thinking and when the book comes out with will start book one on July 30th, 2015/2016 to keep Earthcore post Triangle Trilogy. I think this may fall under “asked and answered” by A, but just wanted to make sure. 🙂

    Also, I am listening to the original Earthcore and it got me thinking. I know in the Q&A or at some point I have heard Scott talk about the Kool suits and them being open faced and how that might be really work. On that note, and I have no idea if it even makes sense or meshes with the story line.

    But technology has advanced since 2008 and I wonder if it would/will influence the book. The thought I had was if the Kool suits might have a GoPro or similar device attached. Maybe at least one GoPro makes it back to Barbara Yakely and that moves into Mt Fitzroy and why she does what she does, like sending something in a briefcase…. 😉 to M t Fitzroy.

    I dunno, the Siglerverse tends to invade my ears somewhat regularly on my drive into work so this is where my thoughts go.

    Sorry for the random thought process. Not exactly cohesive…

    Right, I totally get that part. I guess I was more hoping to understand (without spoilers to the Earthcore rewrite) how much the Infected Trilogy may or may not change the narrative/plot in Earthcore. Do the events of Contagious and Pandemic make it so there is no zero emission car engine coming out that uses platinum, thus causing platinum prices to soar? Is Andre Vogel still head of the NSA or could the new Director of the Department of Special Threats be involved at all? When Sonny is out “panning” does he keep an eye out for Bulls that might be hiding in the mountains? Stuff like that. I love how the story and characters cross over in some of the books so I am curious how that will, or will not affect Eartcore.

    I am sure the FDO could write a handful of novellas just around the aftermath of the Infected Triology so these are the things I wonder about. 🙂

    EARTHCORE will be post Triangle Trilogy. 🙂

    I am one of those people who was super stoked to hear the Earthcore might be the next project while at Siglerfest. But one thing that has been rattling around my head is the timeline. Originally, Earthcore was pre-Triangle Trilogy and so things like Contagious and Pandemic did not really affect the narrative/plot. But now, especially post Pandemic, I am so curious how it fits in. Pandemic leaves the world pretty well “beat to shit” so I am curious how Earthcore Mining will factor in. I believe that after Pandemic, every book that is in the same Siglerverse really will need to make at least some mention of past events. Anyway, my 2 cents. 🙂

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