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Earthcore Dream Casting

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    I talked to Sig about this before. He has “people” already looking at most of his books for eventual transitions to film!

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    Scott I am really enjoying Earthcore. Have you been approached yet about a movie version? I know I am not alone in the feeling that this would be a hit on the big screen.

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    Lance “Bishop” Henriksen would be good – he’s got that chiseled look abut him. Though I have a hard time believing his romantic scenes for some reason. Maybe I just can’t get over the thought that he really might be an android…


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    I’m probably biased because I love his work, but I nominate Lance Henriksen as Connell Kirkland. I can definitely see him as the coldly efficient Cutthroat ruling the mining industry with an iron fist.

    I think I know where you copied that character list from 🙂 It’s been expanded since then.

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    Because you know one day soon, those Hollywood big heads will have to cast the movie version of Earthcore….help them out by giving the names of the actors/ actresses that would be your dream casting for the characters who brought the story to life!

    · Connell Kirkland
    · Sonny McGuiness
    · Samuel J. Anderson
    · Dennis the Deadhead
    · Wilford Igoe, Jr.
    · Douglas Nadia

    I’m sure I missed a character or two so feel free to add to the list! Have at it!

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