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Earthcore Card/Boardgame needs artist.

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    I can’t draw – my own mother laughs at my stick figures – but I do live with a couple or three of gifted visual artists that are less addicted Sigler fans. I’ll show them your post and let ya know if their interested & available.

    I really would love to see this game when you have it available!


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    I’ve designed a fun little board/card game themed on Earthcore. It’s tentatively called “Escape from Funeral Mountain”. Unfortunately I cant do the artwork that it needs/deserves.

    Any artists out there want to help out? I need head and shoulder images of the characters, preferably based on thier state of health once they reach the dense mass.

    I plan for this to go into the public domain once it’s complete, credit will of course be given. It’s also totally unofficial, in fact if Scott knew about it, he’d probably kill me. So nobody tell him.

    If your interested please send me a message here.

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