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Earthcore – Best Sigler Novel…

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    Earthcore was my favorite part because my girlfriends into geology and in part because its the only one to actually scare me. The other could be freaky or disgusting and disturbing as hell but not scary.

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    I really liked Earthcore.  Even as much as I loved The Rookie I still think Earthcore was my fav

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    But I have to admit, I liked the Rookie better…  But both are by far better than most of the crap out there…   

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    Scott can’t wait for Mt.Fitzroy.Earthcore the first podiobook I listened to but is still the best.

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    I have inherited my families curse, geology. But I have no idea what he would think of Earthcore.

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    Earthcore broke my podcast cherry and so will always have a special place in my heart. In reference to Scott’s best work, I would personally rank Earthcore in second place. Ancestor is probably my favorite…I suppose because I can see the storyline as he most plausible. However I think each story has its own merits.

    Infection made me cringe in ways I didnt think possible and it kept me captivated as to what horrific thing would occur next. Earthcore depecited the realities of corporate greed and mining nuances in interesting detail while offering interesting possibilities for hostile aliens. All of them had well thought out premises and interesting personalities. But I suppose I should stay true to the one that deflowered the podcast section of my iPod 😀

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    That’s a big part of why I bought a print copy for my Dad last Christmas; he has degrees in geology. I figured he’d enjoy the geological themes as much as the story.

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    I was lucky to discover The Earthcore podcast almost from the beginning. I was hooked. I quickly listen to all the old episodes and could not wait for the new episodes. I remember when the phrase Earthcrack was first tossed around and I thought how perfect that description was. Every week I was jonesing for the new episodes. All Scott’s novels are great but Earthcore will always be my fav.

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    For a few months I kept my self on a steady IV drip of Sigler. One episode a day of one or two books, even at that rate it was over a little too soon.

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    I had started listening to Infection while waiting for Sig to finish the Rookie. I figured I’d only listen to 2 or 3 eps that day but I actually wound up getting 10 episodes deep that day without even realizing it before it was too late.

    As for the best Sigler novel… I guess it goes that you never forget your first. As for me, since the Rookie was my first, and as how I love football, I’m inclined to pick the rookie as the one I like best. I do have to say that Infection was probably the best written out of all (not taking anything away from Earthcore or Ancestor).

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    Earthcore was good and gets bonous points since I work in the geosciences. Its rare to see a geological themed story and one with reasonably good science is even rarer.

    That said Infection has stuck with me stronger, as I find my self whispering chicken scissors under my breath. I too share your pain of no fresh sigler.

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    Sup all,

    Earthcore was my first Sigler novel, and in my personal opinion his best work to date. Yes, I was relucent to join the ipod nation, but after finding Earthcore I was quickly transformed into a Sigler Junkie.

    I was lucky enough not to have to wait days/weeks inbetween his podcasts. Now I find myself with no more Sigler novels to enjoy on my way to work.

    I can’t wait for nocturnal to start!

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