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EarthCore and Ender's Game

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    I need to play all the way through halo instead of being a big bum all the time. Bree!

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    I didn’t notice at the time but now I see the similarities. Of course, I always thought that Ender’s Game was similar to Halo.

    Scientific progress goes ‘Boink!’

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    thats right, I said “Junkoes”, I went there.

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    Did EarthCore remind anyone else of Ender’s Game?

    Not as a whole or anything, but during the end, when you discover that the roctopi and silverbugs are all basically farming creatures that evolved to kick ass.

    It reminded me of Ender’s Game in that the entire book Ender’s Game was about destroying something you don’t understand/fear/is different etc… And in the end, you learn that they are not really all THAT bad, and that there is an entirely different and LARGER threat that can/will destroy everything, hence the reason the roctopi/bugs borrowed under the mountain in the first place.

    Can you dig it? I think I can. Maybe it’s because I read Ender’s Game right before/after (?) reading EarthCore, they both had aliens and the endings of both books revealed much about the aliens past that makes you think “ahhhh, cute little buggers just don’t understand us and we don’t understand them!” while the whole book was “kill em all!” and the ends of both opened your eyes a bit that all is not what it seems on the surface. AND both books kicked ASS!

    What do the rest of the junkoes think?

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