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EarthCore 2?

  • Ok, here is the reading list that i came up with:

    Alan, that’s a great question. Since it’s a little different topic than what we are discussing in this particular thread, I’m going to start a new thread on the reading order. I couldn’t find anything specific that already is on here, so it really does seem like a good thing to have.

    Probably this information will end up in the Siglerpedia. But for now I’ll create a separate topic and then link this one to it. Give me a little time to work on it.

    Thanks BigJohn for the info.
    I am a late starter, only listened to (in the order that I listened to them):


    So, since you all here are long time avid fans, can you please help me in telling me the order of what I should listen to next & give me an order till I have listened to them all (I am Despraxic so find it difficult to read books, hence I have to do audio books).


    Hi Alan,

    Earthcore II is one of the most requested progress report questions that Scott gets. And though it’s been 10 years since he released it, there is finally some light on the horizon. In order to get Earthcore II out, he has to release EarthCore in the current Siglerverse, which is why he is re-writing it right now. He will be making some editorial changes to the story to make it fit in better to the current Siglerverse, and then once that’s out – he will have paved the way for Earthcore II. There’s still no promise date on either, I don’t think, but the fact that he is actively rewriting E-1 is a great sign. If you listen to the Year-in-Review podcasts, I believe he has some of the info there.

    Since Monday is the 10th anniversary of his podcasting, and he’s giving away his ebook library, you should check out Blood is Red, the short story collection that includes a teaser chapter for Earthcore II. Maybe that will hold you over for a while. 🙂

    Hi Scott & fellow readers/listeners,
    So I have just finished EarthCore and loved it. I listened to a brief QA that you did Scott and didn’t realise it was recorded 10 years ago so was shocked. You said that you were working on EarthCore 2 and hoped to release it after Ancestor (Loved that book as well) I think. What ever happened to it as I can’t find out anything about it as assume it never happened, but can’t find out why or if you will ever release it or even finished it Would so love to see a part 2 of this!

    Thanks & keep up the great work Scott!


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