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Drunken Nocturnal Needs

  • If we both weren’t already married…

    Thank you glorious evil overlord.

    Tastes Like Chicken

    I did a master plan for my Sigler Ascension, and in that was the projection that 7% of Junkies would be driven to drink while waiting for my next episodes. You are in that 7%, congrats!


    I’m drunk off my ass after spending 3 hours drinking wine with my friend.  Yep, gotta remember to spell check like crazeeeeeeee.

    Anyway, I gotta wait till morning to see if Ep 17 is up. Please, please, please, gods of addiction and siglericiousness, let it be up.

    You gots me strung out like a lil junkeee bitch and the first thing I’ll do at work tomorrow is check the upload.

    Does Bryan kick ass? Does Pookie buy the farm?  Does Big Tonda get some more midget hard salami?  Does Black Mr. Burns die horrifically?

    Fucking hell, Sigler, I’m drunk and almost able to type over here.  Please, don’t be late.  Sorta like Santa don’t be late only Santa doesn’t bring horrific nasty blood splattered death.

    Brush, floss, repeat.  Nighters

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