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Dream last night

  •  Indeed…or head lice!

    I guess it beats having the other kind down south!

    “I can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

    Bad enough to be dreaming of triangles sprouting out of you but head crabs?! I’ve never played half-life so I’m not sure what head crabs look like but all I can envision is some Deadliest Catch looking critter coming out of an ear…ouchYell

    i had a dream last night that i was perry dawsey and that the triangles had hatched and i was killing them off.  it was so incredible.  then after that, everyone else that was around me was infected and i had to eather kill the triangles that hatched out of them, or i just killed the prson with the trinagles.  it was messed up. they actually resembled head crabs from halflife and halflife 2 in my dream after they hatched.  and when they hatched out of my body in the dream they looked like frogs for some reason, not triangles.

    still.  ive read quite a few books in my day, but ive never been the main character of a book in a dream before.  it was so wild!

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