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Downtime Today

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    is that some sort of technical chef speak? No wonder you chefs get all the babes. (Except for Shadygirl, Mrs Twowire and Grmork of course…)

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    We are using  XEN 3.3.0 /  Wow I am sorry but I am a tech-tard. Cool for the upgrade though

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    We dont say it enough, so I’ll say it again… Thanks for all the work you in keeping sigler’s site up and running and ensuring Siglerism World Domination is kept on track via the Internet!

    ~~~ mwhuahahahahaha … so it’s, you know, coming along ~~~~~~~

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    I couldn’t get on to the site in the mornig but could in the afternoon so it was all good.


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    The DOS attack was not targeted at us but at some of the neighbour servers.

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    I noticed the downtime when trying log on this morning. I also thought the site was probably being hacked/attacked.

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    Yes, I noticed that early this morning.  Thought that my FDO was under attack.  I was patiently sitting by my computer waiting for orders!  MuchAdo present and accounted for!!!!

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    Hey Guys!

    Some of you might have noticed the downtime today – perhaps this very early morning for those who are in the USA.

    To keep you in the loop, the IPS where I am hosting this server had some issues with DOS attacks this morning and had to cut some connections here and there. I took the opportunity and did a kernel upgrade on the server (for the techies under us: XEN 3.3.0 /

    Seems everything is getting back to normal and running smoothly. Let me know If you notice any oddities.


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