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Doctor Who

  • He appeared ok from the short bit at the end of the second part of the end of time. See if he can carry a whole series now.

    David Tennant as the Doctor…. It’s going to be very hard for me to get used to someone else. I hope the new Doctor is just as quirky and funny!


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    It is always hard for another actor to take on the role of the Doctor after such an iconic actor leaves.. much like what Peter Davison went through after the departure of Tom Baker.

    Well Junkies.. I’ve got what will without a doubt the best weekend of the year coming up.

    Here in Perth Australia we have an annual convention normally held at easter time called Swancon.

    The FDO is a guest of honour at Swancon and I will get to meet him.

    However as if that was not enough for me.. easter is also the release weekend of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who staring the 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

    It’s going to be such an amazing weekend. I will share about it later.

    Rock On!

    I do say The Doctor is the Man, however the FDO is also the man.

    I honestly dont know which one is greater.

    After poundering this (for 30 minutes) I will say this.

    The Doctor is the Man of Time

    The FDO is the man of taking of the world.


    The new doctor…..I saw him for the like 30 seconds in the latest tv movie I honestly doubt if he will be greater.

    than the previous.

    Dont worry as for as i can see BBC america warped up the 11th doctor the same as BBC uk over crimbo. We have been talking about what ep’s infectednocturnal has missed, which is all of the 4th series and all the specials over the last yr

    Is this like 1-2 seasons back? Didn’t they wrap this doctor on 1.1.10? BBC America vs. BBC UK?

    i’m gonna have another drink and ponder Time Warp again…

    In the immortal words of Socrates “I Drank What?!”

    Well its not just a diet pill, there more to it. But the doctor is also investingating the pill as there is sumthing not quite right.

     How would a diet pill lead her back to the doctor?

    In the 1st ep of the 4 series she is invetigateing this new diet pill, hoping to run into the doctor an that just what happens. One of the best scenes in the ep is when they 1st see each other again so funny. Yer i no what you mean kevin donna is a very brash charcater, its also what make her so good an so different from rose an donna.

    But she’s a good companion.  A little crazy, but good.  Rose and Martha are tough acts to follow. 🙂

     The bride came back? How?

    Well i dont no how much you missed when rose was the assistant but the runaway bride was the next ep after rose got stuck in the paralel universe. Then the ep with the judoon follows on from the crimbo special an theres the series with martha that end with the master as the prime minister. If you havnt seen any episodes with cathrine tate (the bride) in after the runaway bride then there is a full series an 6 specials you havnt seen which is 18 episodes. Hope you get to see them soon cos they are all so good

      Since it was replaced with Life On Mars (wtf?!?!?!?!?!?! ) and comes on rarely, I missed so much of the show. Like I saw when Rose was on then missed 18345934857356 episodes and the next thing I know she went through some time warp wall thing and went back home. Then this bride showed up in the booth with David (The Doctor) and that was the last I saw of it until the Judoon came to the hospital where Martha was working to kill some plasmatron thing. I saw pretty much all of that season then when The Doctor, some guy who can’t die, and Martha were stuck at the end of the world. (OH MY GOD IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS PART DON’T READ IT) they escaped and ended up in the world where the other time lord was Prime Minister. Did I miss a lot?

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