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Do you wait, or is it just me?

  • I use to think the new episodes were on mondays, but I when I learned they actually came out on sunday… I was like: “Whoa… O.o” So now I can wait an extra day or 2, but I gotta have me that crack hahaha…

    i’m definitely a waiter, but only for a week or so. i havent finished the crypt or the bloodcasts yet so i alternate between that, the radio and recent podcasts. if i ever run out of extra stank though there might be some short term damage to my sanity.

    I listen as soon as I can find the time for it. Gotta have me that crack!

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    I’ve tried saving up for the complete story but I just can’t wait that long, I usually need something before several months has passed.
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    I agree with the waiting usually! Gotta love listening to episode after episode of the FDO telling a story.

    I have found myself saving up and waiting until i have the complete Story and then listen to it all in a day or two as well.

    Waiting for Ancestor was particularly difficult but i have the paperback as well, so not impossible.

    I listen to ’em as soon as they’re done downloading in itunes and I get ’em on my ipod.
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    I save up. I can’t deal with the drip-drip Chinese torture of one episode a week. I wait until it’s done and then gorge on the entire book in a weekend. The other podcasts, Friday Fix etc, I usually hear the week they come out.
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    Before I came to college, I was a true junkie of junkies. Every week I stumbled thorugh my daily routine, barely able to concentrate, jonesin for me next fix. Now, though, I have been forced into the rehab called “life,” and can only sneak a few drops of stank whenver my captors least expect it. I receive episodes weeks late from my faithful contact on the outside, and relish them in dark corners, and they were meant to be enjoyed.

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    Yes, I am the big needle through the sternum to give you that little pick-me-up. I like this strategy. The reason I write is to make y’all happy anyway, so if you use me like a piece of kryptonite to battle Bizzaro Superman, that’s all good.

    I’m curious to know if junkies wait before listening to the most recent episodes or not? I’ve noticed a tendency that I won’t listen to the latest FDO goodness instantly on download. Turns out I wait until I really need something to pick me up and *that’s* when I hit up some crack. Am I the only one that does this or not?

    Example, I’m only hearing Ep 3 of the Starter now.

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