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Do you know if you will you sign with Crown again if they offer you another book deal after ANCESTOR?

  • I doubt they own the concepts. Or if they do, they would need to be restricted in some way.

    If they weren’t, then Scott & A couldn’t have published THE ROOKIE within the same universe. Scott’s already made it well known that he’s creating a Siglerverse in which all of his stories are intertwined. If I recall correctly, the creatures on the other side of the gates from INFECTED/CONTAGIOUS are from THE ROOKIE series. Ki, I think. 

    I’m sure it’s all covered in the contracts and stuff that Scott has with Crown. No wonder authors get agents. They probably double as lawyers to deal with all this crap.



    does crown own the characters? the concepts? or just the book?



    Dark Overlord Media’s initial offering of THE ROOKIE seems to have been incredibly successful thus far. Have you given any thought to becoming entirely self published?

    Or do you think you will stick with Crown for another deal if it is offered to you? If I recall correctly, Crown did pick up the rights to Earthcore, and I have no idea how the rights to sequels work (eg Pandemic, Descendant).

    I was just pondering my navel about this last night and figured some of the other junkies had probably wondered the same thing. Thought I’d toss it up on the boards and see where you’re head was at. Thanks for humouring us Wink 

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