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Do i wait

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    I started listening to Earthcore then Nocturnal and Ancestor. All were complete before I started listening. At this point I have caught up and am getting the weekly episodes. I have found real joy in listening to the episodes as they are released. It is also fun to keep track of the other projects Scott is working in real time. I cannot wait until Nocturnal is published.

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    I bought a Hard Back and i got an e-book copy and i have yet to read a single page of either, i read The Starter before i listened to it(it was great that way) but now i wanna listen to it first before i read it, so the real question is whether to go buy the Audio Book version now so i can listen to it all whenever i want or keep driving myself insane and wait for the weekly episodes and wait for more new content

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    I bought the e-book and read it, but I still download the podcast every week.

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    I have recently found the FDO, and enjoy all his work so far ,because i have only just discovered the path of siglerism i have been able to get all the podcasts in one hit so i can listen to all the books uninterupted, now with The All Pro i have to wait week by week. Now the dilema do i wait till all the episodes are out and listen in one go or do i listen every week waiting till sunday to get the new episode

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