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Do I know the real Kayla Meyers?

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    my sister a bit, but then I realized that Kayla is actually pretty intelligent where my sister is a moron so therein lies the different.

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    I would let her tie me up and use a pair of pliers on me any day of the year

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    Although she used verbal abuse and mind games instead of a rusty pliers. And her name was totally different. But the personality and sociopathic nature? Dead on.
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    Welcome and thanks for posting to the forum!

    I recently reread Earthcore and while I don’t know anyone like Kayla Meyers, she did make more of an impact on me upon this time around. She’s a compelling character and undeniably creepy in her role. I found the descriptions of Kayla using her rusty pliers made more of an impact on me as well…I cringed a lot!

    Hope you enjoy more of Scott’s work and join in the fray here on the forums. We’re a fun, if not slightly crazy, bunch Smile

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    Hi Scott,

    Let me say first that the awesomeness of your books and your performance reading them boggles my mind each time I listen to one of your books. I haven’t heard such a good reader since Frank Muller was still in the biz.

    Secondly, I would also like to say that, though I’ve been using the Internet since 1995, I have never really cared enough to post to a forum.

    Just so you know how motivated I had to be to post.

    That motivation? Kayla Meyers. I feel like I know her. I mean, she is exactly like someone I know. She looks like her, she has the same determination, intelligence, attention to detail and supreme competence. Also, her name is nearly exactly the same, except for two letters.

    One huge, ginormous difference, though. The person I know is not a sociopath. In fact, she’s the nicest person I know. To the point of being irksome.

    It’s as if I can see into my friend’s mind, only twisted and downright evil. If she had the same horrible, horrible childhood as Kayla, then she would be working as an assassin. It just fits her so well. It’s frakking crazy, man.

    So, did you base Kayla on a real person? Or is this particular awesomeness just a coincidence?

    Regardless, keep up the creepy-as-f*ck-yet-awesome work!

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