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Do CD sets count towards the NY Times bestseller list?

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    Nope, they DO NOT count on the new york times best sellers list.


    for the previous posts about this.


    Q: when is a book not a book

     A: when its an audiobook!

    Hard to believe they dont count it, pretty sad.  ‘course those snooty bast-arges dont suprise me anymore.

    Truely a dissapointment. I wonder what their reasoning is!?  afterall, this is a release of a book, that comes in several media flavors, dead tree and CD.  Im sure they probably wouldnt count an E-book either.  they need to get with the 2000’s and lose their 1970’s way of thinking!

    think about this: if i was disabled and could only listen (if i were blind) to the audiobook, that means that when I buy the CD’s my purchase doesnt count against "their" list. That is discriminating against people with disabilities.  Im sure the Americans with Disibilities Act should have something to say about this.

    sad, sad and more sad.


    Json, "DeVoiD"


     "Original Junkie" Jason "DeVoiD" Houghton


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      I noticed that several junkies were reticent to purchase Contagious because they were addicted to your voice. I have to concur with this view, since your vocal performances do add an extra dimension to the already high quality of your writing. I’ve purchased many copies of the hardcover, and I know many other junkies have as well.

      But, for those who are reticent to purchase something they may never read, do the unabridged CD sets on sale from Amazon count towards the bestseller list? I’m not sure how they compute their numbers. If they could purchase those sets, it would be wins all around. They get your melliflous tones, you get boosted in the sales ranking, and they don’t have to wait until mid-summmer 2009 for the end of the story Cool

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