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Disturbing moments of enlightenment

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    I’ve not had a moment of enlightenment yet whilst reading or listening, but I’ll tell you one thing for sure, they keep me sane whilst talking to loonatic clients 🙂

    (no I don’t mean clients in a loonatic asylum)

    The UK, not bloody Eng…. no, England, not the bloody UK

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    Truly, the FDO™ is the way to self-enlightenment.

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    Are you having a hard time getting through this difficult life?  Don’t worry!  Read any Scott Sigler novel to put your life in proper  perspective.  Thoughts of therapy and self-help books will go out the window as you read about a woman getting slashed in half by a curved alien knife. 

    Seriously,  have you ever had a moment when you felt inclined to [edited to remove spoilers*]? NO? Then, you’ve got it good.  

    For example, just the other day, I got one of those really nasty, deep paper cuts, and I was able to stay positive rather than swear like a sailor.  At least I still HAVE all my fingers- they haven’t been cut off by a big lunatic boss that needed to torture information out of me. 

    These disturbingly enlightening moments of clarity have taught me to keep everything in perspective – and saved me hundreds of dollars in therapy fees! Thanks Scott!  And let me just squeal out one more "Ewwwwww – gross!" to represent all of the future disturbing moments that I won’t be able to keep from reading (it’s a habit, you know!). 

    Really, to be honest, I loved every word!!!  Does that make me abnormal?   

     *NO spoilers!  Junkies don’t deserve it and the FDO™ doesn’t like it!

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