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    A while ago a little thing popped into the feed, just to really get us all hooked. Episode 1 of The Starter, right before pre-order opened I think. When the podcast airs will that episode be re-released?

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    Ancestor needs to play out first and we don’t want to rush that now do we? Then you’ll get your free bonus free free free fix!


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    Just kidding. Yes you still get your free podcast, starting in February, 2011. Our model continues to be ad-supported, free, weekly audio fiction. We’re just putting up the exact same content as an audiobook for those that don’t want to wait to hear the full story.

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    just show a little patience, and the Starter will be podcasted. This is what ARealGirl had to say on this matter.

    The plan is to have only one novel podcasting at a time, meaning ANCESTOR will be the marquis Sunday Content until it’s completed, then THE STARTER will run the same way.

    There might be some overlap, but if there is, it won’t be much. That means THE STARTER will start podcasting sometime early in the new year. However, for those folks who just can’t wait, we’re hoping to have audiobooks ready to go as a tasty little gift giving option around Christmas. Smile

    Once we discussed it, we realized we couldn’t have two novels running and still have room for the Twelve Days of CRYPTmas.

    Oh, or is it KISSmas?………………………………………. So just sit back, relax and the Sigler goodness will come to ya.

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    I know I don’t post here often like some of you crack heads. . . but i do follow all of FDO’s books and posts.

    I buy every one of his books to support his talent and hard work. . . PLUS he gives his books away free via podcast. . . well I should say he gives some away.

    I pre-ordered The Starter on the second day we could. . . I got the book sitting in my office. . . I have not read the book. . why? because I use Scott’s books to pass the time while I am in the car driving for work. . .I didn’t want to ruin hours of Scott’s podcast of the Starter if all I had to do is wait it out some.

    With that being said, I just found out the FDO is not releasing The Starter via a podcast like all of his other books. . . this time I would have to buy the audio book if I would like to hear it in my car while I drive. . . . If I knew I had to buy the audio version of the Starter (supporting the FDO) then i personally would not of bought the hard back. There’s no reason for me to buy the same thing twice. . .

    This is why I am a little disappointed in the FDO. . . I bought The Starter to support his work to find out if I want to HEAR THe Starter then I would have to purchase the audio book. . .


    Love your work, but a little disappointed about this.

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