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Did your state pick Obama or McCain?

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    The recount is coming out to about 200 votes between them with 4600 absentee ballots having been rejected.  The courts really need to look at those and ascertain why this major big number of voters had their votes tossed into the dumper.

    I’m assuming one of the Republicans who ‘should have lost’ is that crazy Nazi bitch Michelle Bachman.  What a nutjob!  I’m guessing that Obama won’t have to worry about getting jumped and tongue fucked by her the way Bush got done.

    Tastes Like Chicken

    None shall escape the crushing treads of the plaid tanks! Sigler will stand tall on the fallen, regardless of political color or voting record!

    Who is "neilson" and how come he "vanished"? :p *That was my captcha phrase!*

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    #who cares who won, for when sigler comes to his own, all shall be dust and ashes, crushed under the plaid tanks of our magni ficant FDO. all can claim power till the day SILGER RISES TO POWER!! then none shall escape the exterminations

    well said and well done, Much Ado

    But as to US Congress(people) we elected two republicans that "should have lost" with obamas turnout.   Oh, that and Minnesota is where Norm Colman (Senator) is running against Al Franken (from SNL/Air America).  Coleman eked it out by abotu 600 votes statewide, but there will probably be a recount.  Of course, Frankin is already crying foul.

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    but in SC Obama was winning by 11% but the electoral votes went to McCain s o McCain won in SC. I’m confused.


    I am gman’s "spider fingers".

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    New York went Obama and all is right with the world

     CALIFORNIA   OBAMA!!!!Don’t Start Nothin’ Won’t Be Nothin’

    I wanted Sigler/Ctulu but voted Obama

    In the immortal words of Socrates "I Drank What?!"

    The follow up question is: did your state pick the one YOU wanted?


    This is a serious scientific study. No, not really. 

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