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    What an odd movie. I know it has little or nothing to do with the book, so we don’t need to discuss that (they bought the “brand” of World War Z,” used it to make the zombie flick they wanted to make).

    I’m a huge Brad Pitt fan and will see anything he’s in. But without him, and without the brand-value of that title, was this a good flick?

    There were a couple of great action sequences (which the trailer completely ruined — I admit I wouldn’t have seen that excellent plane scene coming if not for the GD trailer, and while we’re at it, Thanks, Asshole Trailer Makers for completely spoiling the “over the wall” part. You all suck so much).

    Maybe you can guess the part that bothered me the most. Sure, the genius biologist (who is “from Harvard,” so that means he’s soooopoer-smart, right?) knows that the dead can turn in twelve effing seconds, yet he tells the other “scientific types” that it “has to be a virus.” Sheesh, people, how about a basic understanding of how viruses work?

    Jonathan Maberry wrote a kick-ass zombie book called PATIENT ZERO. He creates pseudo-science to explain them. It’s done very well, and he uses prions as his “let’s make this sort of plausible”). Would that work? No, but you know what? Most people don’t know how prions actually work, so that lets you allow yourself to go further down the rabbit hole and enjoy it.

    On another note, the WWZ makers did such a good job of making this plausible in the “this is what it might actually be like” category, that I was a bit stunned when they revealed that, yes, these were “walking dead.” Sure seems like the characters would be a bit more surprised by that one. Also, maybe the scientists would start their research with dead people who are actually still moving instead of trying to find the “patient zero.” Who cares about patient zero? You’ve got animated dead people moving around. Study that, bro.


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