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did it get sewed back on?!?!?!

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    and I had a Contagious question … so … I can’t get episode 14 on iTunes … please don’t say user error LOL tho it could be … but all he other episodes down loaded fine … and I have tried repeatedly. Is there a problem or should I keep trying? Cuz I WILL keep trying LOL thanx … now I really need to go kill a mouse and study for an anatomy test …

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    Why ruin the story dude? No spoilers for this one just keep reading on

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    it might be with dillinger’s in the smithsonian…but read on and you shall see

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    Like JP said read on



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    To tide over your curiousity, for now. 

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    Just keep reading. Keeeeeep reeeeaaaading.


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    At the end of infected scary perry’s meat whistle is on ice… im 1/4 the way into CONTAGIOUS and im getting the impression it wasn’t reattached… COME ON!!!! even if he’s all Lance Armstrong now did he at least get the barrell of his gun back even minus the ammo?

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