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Did Bill have The Shining?

  • I hadn’t really thought about it before, but a friend listening to Infected mentioned that he was upset that Bill had to go out like that. And I said “yeah, Bill bit it kinda like Halloran in The Shining…so much build, and then — dead.” I’m guessing this was not an intentional likeness and probably just something my noggin’ invented, but I thought I’d toss it by you to see if it was intentional.

    I must have read The Shining about 8 times and that’s the only part that I do not enjoy at all — he flies 1,500 miles on a telepathic suggestion, snow mobiles up the mountain in he snow, battles animate shrubbery with gasoline, wrecks the snowmobile, charges in to save the day — bites it. So, I sympathize with my cohort’s longing for Bill.

    Much love,

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