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Dew Phillips Past

  • that Dew’s past would be so classified and nefarious that the FDO would have to kill us after reading it. ūüėČ

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    an "alternate" Perryverse where they didn’t nuke Detroit and Perry becomes Dew’s new partner in the CIA. I have this funny scene in my head where Dew is undercover while the gigantic Perry is stuck in the small surveillance van monitoring the cameras & audio¬†because he would stick out too much to do the UC work. Along the way Dew shares some stories from his past. Your idea would be more conducive to getting more of Dew’s past though.

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    Perhaps for the NaNoWriMo that I wish I had both the time and talent to take part in 

    Heres a good start if you go with an alternate ending and Dew and Parry live to go fishing the next day. One of them catches the soda can shaped remnant of the orbital (despite how deep it is in lake Michigan). however as far as dews past goes he is telling the stories to Parry while they are fishing.

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    would be interested in giving this a shot as well. 

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    Hey first time in the forum this question may have been asked already

    I was wondering if you will be writing a book about Dew Phillips past he was a realy interesting character and it would be a shame to just let him die and never use him again.

    Not that you don’t already have enough books coming out just curious if it might be a future project.

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