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Detroit Lions 0-16, Contagious #1, Historical Week?

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    Anybody can win, but it takes real talent to go 0-16.  And to think, they fired the man that got them to this amazing feat.  So now we get some first round draft picks, so what! it wont be offensive lineman which anyone that watches them knows they need.  So I’ll yell at my TV for another season.

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    Yes they did! 

    Go Steelers!

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    If you are going to do  something, you may as well be the best at it. No one cares if you get within one game of completing the deal. Hey, just ask my other team the Patriots. Congrats to the Lions for sticking it out and acheiving a level of futility never before seen in the NFL. The only team in NFL history to go 0 and 16. Like a good hooker, noone sucks quite the way you do.  stormwalker

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    Just think we can pick up another wide recever becouse you know they can block on the line. THANKS Matt for your team. I want Barry back!!

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    mite not remove the sting man, but you’ll be pitching a tent. i know i will. I fucking love goth girls rawr

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    My team is 0-16. If I was teleported to the Playboy Mansion on Goth Schoogirl Night, even that wouldn’t remove the sting.

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    The browns probably lost too. . . i don’t even watch em and

    i know they lost 

    2008 Toilet Bowl! here we come!

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    the other great thing that happened…. The Dallas Cowboys had their worst loss in ten years…

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    "I have much respect for Delhome’s douchbaggery"

    -Scott Sigler

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    Hey FOD,

    Your home state Lions lost again.  0-16 is now the new NFL record for worst record ever.  However, Contagious could hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller, making it the first EVER PODCAST AUTHOR (fiction) to hit the #1 spot.  Here’s hoping the historical week continues.  

    Sorry about your Lions…good luck with the book. I’ll be buying mine tomorrow and another when you get to MPLS on January 17th.  Keep up the great, addicting work.


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