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Dead Tree Books

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    New Infected art! My interest is definately piqued.

    I dig the artwork for Earthcore and Ancestor as well — The attention that has been paid to these covers is really top notch and definately added to the reading experience. I wish more authors had control over the artwork for their novels as it often has nothing to do with the content or storyline.

    Great work, Scott!

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    The art work is great but with several readers in the house I am so looking forward to the durability of the hard cover

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    can’t wait for more…………..
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
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    I still can’t get over the artwork I started listening BECAUSE I bought Ancestor off of Amazon and soon Earthcore will be mine!

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    I couldn’t agree with you more. I would even pay to subscribe to his podcast if he chose to start charging for it. And when he blows up worldwide I hope to High One that he never stops reading his own stuff. It would totally suck to have to listen to someone else narrating his work.

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    Scott…. You ought to get crown to print a bunch of “teaser” t shirts to get interest going( very viral marketing) Is crown planning to do a viral campaign? I know a few OJ’S that would love to help!

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    Julian Pavia and the crew over at Crown kicked out the MOST BITCHIN’ cover I’ve ever seen on a book, and that includes the ball-swingin’ work by Kevin Capizzi on ANCESTOR and EARTHCORE (although Kevin’s cover art for INFECTED is the best ever, just amazing, but Crown thought it confused what the book was about so they opted for another solution).

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    Who here thinks that the dead tree books that Scott put out there (remember the Amazon gig) are better quality than the rest of the paprbacks you see out there?

    me, for one, bought both of them (Cause Scot wanted to bring Amazon down, which we did), and I have to say, the paper, the cover, the cover art was one of the best I have seen in a very long time. Im very obsessive about books, and these books exceeded my expectations, they are absolutely top-nocth quality…..

    last question, who else bought them from amazon? and cant wait for Scott to get more dead tree books out there!!! remember if you like his audiobooks I think it only right for us to buy them, and support the Scottmeister.
    Original Junkie, Jason, “DeVoiD”

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