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Dawsey and Paglione

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    This thread. The answer may already be out there Wink

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    This sounds like a very interesting fan fiction. If they did play on the same field Magnus tackled perry which caused the career ending injury. I personally can’t wait for the Tuesday Terrors to return. There are so many possibilities with this one, good luck to whoever tackles this concept. I said “tackles” did anyone see what I did there?

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    Dawsey vs. the little Pitter Patterson of Buranti(not sure if thats how you spell that)

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    Perry Dawsey to Magnus Paglione, and there may be others, both have a football history. Scott has obviously shown that he enjoys the ex-football player archetype, and football as a literally setting. The years Perry was playing for the U of M were probably during or soon after the years that Magnus was playing for the Calgary stampeders, and since Michigan is pretty close to the border, it’s possible that one or the other saw the other play, and admired their skill – they may have even had a run in. I think it would be extremely interesting to see some form of interaction between the two regarding football, prior to the events of either of their stories. In fact, as Perry’s injury ever fully explained? We know Magnus has no moral compass, so maybe Magnus was betting on Perry’s game, and things weren’t going his way. Maybe he had a hand in Perry’s injury?

    Anyway, I’d love to see if anyone can write an interesting story about it.

    Arioch’s note: This one was emailed to me by Eric

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