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Dare I ask ? (Fears Retribution )

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    well, i’m suspect of the fact that football was a derivative of rugby(not really) but if we did, we did it in the ass kicking American way, making it one of the most dominating most watched sports on the planet, and finally in a friendly way, are these pod casts still free? are they not incredibly entertaining? yes and yes ‘ so hush up and listen

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    I’m from New Zealand, and our national game is Rugby, you know, that game America bastardized into American Football?

    I started listening to the Rookie about 3 months after the I finished the rest of the audiobooks, once the withdrawls were so bad I couldn’t help myself…even if it had anything to do with Football.
    Now I’m a closet football fan. You dark bastard overlord.
    Maybe I’ve just forgotten how good the hard science books were, but the GFL series is perhaps my favourite scifi series, take that Peter F Hamilton.
    The way the stories are written (and voice acted) is nigh on perfect. I find myself laughing, sometimes crying with happiness. Clapping to myself, and fist pumping when the pass connects…
    I’ve stopped rubbishing American Football, I’m too scared to try watching an actual Human game, because it might ruin GFL for me, but I might give Madden a crack.
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    NeilColguhoun is absolutely right! All the stories are linked somehow in the entire Siglerverse timeline. There are back stories to some characters woven into the GFL series. This gives the characters more depth, but adds such a fantastic layer to the overall story.

    Baldrick you have read most of the stories so you see how a character shows up in more than one story. That is the magic that FDO does!

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    I am with Baldrik.

    Obviously if the sports-theme had flopped, Scott would have changed directions a long time ago. I tried listening to the Rookie, more than once. I just could never bring myself to care enough to keep going! I’m a lifelong fan of football, and I couldn’t get into the sports series.

    Everything else Scott has ever written, Aces! I keep hoping he’ll move back to where he started, where he developed his fan base…

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    @Baldrick – all the stories are connected, from Earthcore through to the GFL series, and while it is not a prerequisite to listen to the adventures of Quentin and co, you would be missing out on some essential points in the timeline (as well as missing out on listening to / reading a good tale or two…)

    @steffiebaby140 – as you have no doubt discovered, the GFL books are about more than American Football…!


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    Of course, nothing keeps any of us satiated for very long.

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    Plus keep in mind that Nocturnal is out in April and that Bones are White will be coming soon as well… plenty to keep a non-GFL junkie satiated for a while… 🙂

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    You know, I have thought similar things myself. I am not a football fan and I likely never will be. But I have listened and read everything from the FDO and I wasn’t going to stop at the GFL books….and I discovered that if you add aliens and death to football, I love it! If you really think about it, I think the FDO is doing a very good job keeping a balance. We have had Ancestor in the same year as a GFL book. We had Blood is Red in the same year as a GFL book. Now we have the Nocturnal re-write in the same year as The MVP. And according to the schedule we will have Pandemic next year along with another GFL book.

    Also, I have to respect writerly whims. I am a writer…aspiring to be professional at it but a writer all the same, and you get on a good track with a particular story line and just can’t let it rest! I have had storylines show up in my dreams, my random musings, my conversations, and my every waking thought until I give in and write the damn story already! So, I understand what its like to be so in love with one of your plots that you HAVE to write it. And if the GFL series is that monster for the FDO, then so be it!

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    You know, I used to have the same feeling. I loved Infected, Earthcore, Nocturnal, etc. But I had no interest really in the Rookie. I played football in HS and enjoy football movies, but am not much of a fan overall. But I finally (out of boredom and lack of other podio-books to listen to) listened to the Rookie and now have bought, read, and listened to all things relating to the GFL. Because football aside, they are just good stories IMO.

    Anyway, there won’t be any retribution (probably). Just enjoy the alien viruses, genetically engineered things, etc. But rest assured, plenty of people do enjoy the GFL books so I doubt the FDO will stop. I believe Pandemic is out next summer.

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    I have read all your works, listened to almost all of your audio books but I must say – Please no more football ! Please tell us that your returning to alien viruses, genetically engineered things etc., ?

    I will now go into hiding…….

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