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Damn you, Sigler

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    I feel ya, man. We’ve started planning our trip out as well. Due to the fact that my gf hates planes, it sounds like we’ll be driving out there. It looks like I’m working my ass off for the next 8 months. Sleep is for the dead, it seems.

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    I understand Mario. I couldn’t make it to the Boston stop and I have been trying to scrape together change for SiglerFest 2014. Just got a price from for tickets from Boston to Vegas for $360. Not bad but I don’t want to book until everything is official with Scotts crazy schedule. If I go to Vegas then I am going to want to order a jersey and tee-shirts and a tattoo would be awesome; Krakens championship trophy? Krakens logo? Sklorno catching a holy pass? so much to think of…and I can’t forget the money. I haven’t been able to get the sponsorship I was hoping for from Junkie Gin.

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    Damn you all to hell.

    Ever since the Chicago stop, I’ve been buzzing. I have the unshakeable need for a tatoo or two and am already planning on doing everything I can to get to Vegas. I hate you and your effect on me.

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