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DALLAS Ancestor tour stop

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    Jared, thanks for coming and for introducing me to Scott’s work in the first place, and let’s not wait so long to hang out again babe. Fred who drives the coca cola truck & has some beautiful ink and a killer smile, I hope you made it back to Tulsa safely. The two guys who talked alcohol, video games, and illicit substances with me over dinner, that was a good conversation boys, thanks for the entertainment. I swear, I thought the two of you were twin brothers because you look alike… sorry I can’t remember your names (i suck like that). Pons, I hope you guys made it down to ‘SanAntone okay… BTW, your son looks remarkably like Taylor Lautner, what’s up with that? And to all the other Junkies I interacted with but can’t remember, thanks guys for making my 8-hour round-trip drive totally worth it, I had a blast hanging out with ya’ll!

    I’ll leave you with a crappy phone camera pic of the FDO being all author-ey…..

    **Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene’s Pizza!**

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    Post your comments, thoughts, and steamy, tawdry hook-up stories from the Dallas stop here 🙂

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