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Daily Mail UK Ancestor review!

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    Got my hardcover copy from USA last month as UK only have paperback

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    Thanks for this find!! A review in the Daily Mail would be equivalent to seeing it in the NYT! And it’s lovely that the reviewer liked it!!

    Looks like Scott’s world domination may have to start in England!Laughing
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    Just been reading the paper this morning and flicked to the movie review (Scott Pilgrim) then glanced at the book reviews which I don’t normally read as it’s full of dull literary stuff, so I was pretty surprised to see a small review of Ancestor down the bottom of the page, the reviewer liked the book too, said the writing has panache & charm!.

    Btw Scott the Daily Mail sells over 2 million copies a day so it’s not like this a local rag you’ve gotten into!.

    The image doesn’t seem to want to post in this topic for some reason but just follow the link to view it, Sorry about the lousy photo, it’s an old mobile with no macro mode.

    EDIT:fixed image link to make it viewable.

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