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Cultural research

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    Hello Scott,

    since Dr. Claus Ruhmkorrf and Bryan Clauser and Kissyman are all germans, i wonder how you do the cultural research in your books. Do you have german friends who give you input or do you just google search?
    Because as good as your research is on the science parts of your books, there are some mistakes in the naming of those characters. No offense meant.
    Maybe i am a little bit pedantic, but as one of your german junkies i would appreciate it, if those details would be correct.
    For example the german name Claus is almost always written Klaus, so would Clauser/Klauser be. (in fact your UK publisher, wrote Clauser with K, at least on the back of the book…)
    I know this is just a small detail, but the devil lies in the details i am told.
    Maybe you could tell me why you wrote the names the way you did, i would appreciate that.
    I am pretty sure the german junkies would help you if you have any question about germany german names, cultural things etc.

    stereotype like bratwurst, oktoberfest, nazis get boring pretty fast, at least for us 🙂

    Wish you a nice weekend

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