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CSI- Frakkin' cool

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    was boring an inaccurate from the beginning.  DNA and bloodwork takes alot longer to do than they show. 

    Yes, I’m a hick, whats your point?

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    Did anyone catch Thursday’s episode of CSI?  I know the show has just about jumped the shark but it got mad props from me.  The episode took place at a sci-fi show and had cameos from some of the BSG cast.  Namely Grace Parks (the hot character Sharon, Boomer, Athena, nameless number 8’s), the lady that played Ellin Tigh (the XO’s whore of a wife) actually she played a large role in the episode, and Ron Moore (the guy responsible for the new BSG – the one that doesn’t suck).  It was cool to see such a mainstream show bring in those kind of people for the episode.  I think it helped that both directors were former BSG staff.  The rest of the episode consisted of stale jokes about Star Trek fans.  I know, I’m a geek.  I’ve gotten over it. 

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