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Crypt Questions!

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    I’m wondering about some specifics (I have a fic for Tuesday Terror growing in my mind…).

    *What does the average, low-ranking naval officer know about the Crypt? Is it just the rumours of it as a ship of death?

    *What’s the realationship between the PU and the Sklorno like at the moment (my Sigler books are still packed away from my recent move, so I can’t go over the timeline).

    *What’s the Sklorno music scene like? Do they produce music at all, or is that seen as an individual accomplishment that doesn’t further the species?

    *Does smart paper (Rookie-era tech) exist during the Crypt time, or a less advanced form?

    *This is probably just a brain-fart on mine part, but what’s the usual way to refer to the internet of the future?

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